How To Find JV Partners To Help Build Your Email List

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Partnering with other marketers who have a list of their own is one of the most effective ways to build your own list. Working together, you can help one another grow your lists along with various other things. But how do you find those people to JV with in the first place?

A lot of people tend to think of the big names in their niche first. Meaning those marketers with the highest profiles in their market.

While those people probably have big lists and would be highly desirable JV partners, it’s unlikely that they’re going to work with you when you’re just getting started. They’re going to want to partner with people who can give them as much leverage as they can provide.

When you’re starting out, you’ll probably be a lot more successful by approaching smaller marketers who are actively building their own lists.

Think in terms of one step up the “food chain” from where you are. Let’s say you’ve got around 250 people on your list – you might want to look for people with roughly double that to partner with. Think of the next step in building your business – not the end goal.

Where can you find these people? There are several effective resources for finding them:

- Niche forums

- Clickbank or other marketplaces

- Google

- Lists you’re subscribed to yourself

Forums are one of the most effective because they let you make contact and interact with people before you approach them to partner with you. And if you’re active in the forum, they will “know” you from there and be more likely to agree to some type of JV arrangement.

Clickbank and other such marketplaces are another option. Find other products related to your market and look for people who are building a list through their sites. The fact that they’re building a list makes them a good potential partner for you.

Search engines won’t give you as targeted a list of potential JVs but you can still use them to search for other sites in your market that are building lists. Make sure you watch the paid ads as well as the natural listings to find other marketers who are selling products into your niche.

Finally, if you’re subscribed to some email lists in your market, every one of those marketers could be a potential JV partner. Just remember – you’re better off approaching smaller marketers at first. Leave the big guns until you have something to offer them in return.

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I'd Appreciate It If You Would Let Others Know About My Blog...

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